Bridging Science and Practice

Hi, I am Laura. I am a social scientist and innovation professional from Munich, Germany. I live both in the world of science as postdoctoral researcher in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation at Zeppelin University, as well as in the world of practice as part of the Philoneos team, where we collaborate with family businesses as co-creators for innovation. No matter what I do, it is my passion to build bridges between science and practice to foster an open dialogue and co-create solutions for an inclusive, sustainable and prospering society.

What keeps me busy

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

As part of the Philoneos team, I am involved supporting family business in establishing and implementing innovation processes or navigating organizational transformations.

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Research & Education

Research & Education

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Friedrichshafen Institute for Family Entrepreneurship at Zeppelin University. Further, I am a passionate educator, for instance on entrepreneurial leadership at the Technical University Munich.
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Future of

Future of Leadership

In 2018 and 2019, I had the honour to work as executive director of the Future of Leadership Initiative. Ever since, I am passionate about new work and leadership topics, especially in our fast changing world.
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Diversity &
Female Empowerment

Diversity & Female Empowerment

For my PhD, I did several projects on female entrepreneurship. Among them a large scale field experiment about the effects of female entrepreneurial role models on the development of female students. Stay tuned for some more projects to come...

Corporate Sustainability

(Corporate) Sustainability

Ever since my Master's in Sustainability Science, I believe that the combination of entrepreneurial thinking and awareness for environmental and societal issues has the power to solve our world's biggest problems. I love to see how the topic is getting more and more attention in research and practice.

More about me

More about me

If you want to learn more about me, simply visit my LinkedIn Page.

What keeps me thinking



Leadership & New Work
Diversity and Female Empowerment
Digital Responsibility


Co-Creation and Participatory Methods
Innovation Tools (Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping, etc.)
Quantitative Research Methods & Data Analytics
Qualitative Research Methods

Some Examples

The Big Think Day on "Artificial Intelligence and New Work"

A one day think tank, we organised in March 2019. For one day, 60 business executives, innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and highly talented students joined forces to develop future scenarios how technologies, such as artificial intelligence and robots, will impact the future of individuals, businesses and our society at large.

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The Future Lab on "Reinventing Leadership"

A 1,5 day think tank in May 2019 to explore how the role of leadership will change with the rise of intelligent machines. We started out with a public session on the evening of day 1, in which 70 people participated to co-create their visions of leadership. On day 2, a curated group of experts joined for a deep dive to merge all insights into one common vision and derive recommendations how to foster new leadership practices already today.
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The Value of Not Knowing- an interview with Infineon CEO Dr. Reinhard Ploss

In my former position as executive director of the Future of Leadership Initiative, I had the opportunity to interview Infineon Dr. Reinhard Ploss about his vision on the future of leadership and artificial intelligence. Here is a short article about the main insights. ​
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Please, feel free to contact me for further information regarding my research and work experience. Be it a  question about my work, a call for feedback, or even interesting in collaboration – I am looking forward to your message!